Friday, December 25, 2009

Cold Christmas Day

Watching a cracklin' fire on Christmas night. Cliche, but true (that's why they call 'em cliches). Too beautiful to put into words -- a spark flying here and there, yellow flames in front, red on blackened logs, and blue flames in back.

Lovely day, very low-key -- just the way I like my holidays.

We had way more than a dusting of snow yesterday, maybe an inch - unusual for West Texas at Christmas. Cold, cold, so cold. Weather moving in from the North with an icy North wind blowing. Icicles still hanging off the house, tho there's been no moisture in 48 hours.

I put a blanket on Blaze, our Palomino, last night. He spends more time now laying out in the sun on the ground, like a young colt, gathering every ray of sunshine on his old bones. He's such a beautiful horse, and so affectionate. My big ole baby who puts his soft, warm, white muzzle against me while I pet his thick, golden winter coat.

Normally, Blaze gambols about like a young colt, but lately he's had a bad limp. We think the mare, Star, kicked him in the knee. He chases her around, trying to herd her like any stallion would, while she bucks and rears, putting on her own personal rodeo. Seems like little Star must have connected with Blaze's knee. He was giving her a wide berth last week, but he's back to moving her around again, albeit with a limp.

More cold on the way. I'm going out for more wood.


  1. Star and Blaze, names that remind me of childhood horses I had, the 6 inch ones. And you, you lucky girl, have blessed yourself with the real ones.

    I'm glad you had a good Christmas and just the kind you like. I knew you were on Santa's nice list ;)

  2. Beautiful. Your words are vivid and evocative. Having been through that part of the country, I can picture the barren cold and see Blaze limping along, soaking up the sun. Some days, I think I am Blaze and it's good to soak up the warmth...

    Happy New Year, Countess!


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