Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cry Me A River

Take a moment and listen to Diana Krall's rendition of this great bluesy torch song. This is not to be confused with JT's "Cry Me A River".

I first heard this as a very young child when Julie London had a hit with it. She was an actress as well as a singer; married to the great jazz artist Bobby Troup who wrote "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66", one of the best songs ever written. Miss London was beautiful, and had this lovely, wispy, smoky voice.
Her version was a hit in 1956-57 according to everything I can find. It's hard to believe a song could make such an impact on a 3-year-old. Actually, I think I heard music in the womb -- I can remember listening to old rock from Buddy Holly, Elvis and Ray Charles.

I rediscovered this gem while watching Joe Cocker's rock interpretation at Woodstock.

Several stylings of this song are on the web: from the great Ella Fitzgerald (she's really rockin' it at the end, and adds an extra verse), Julie London (soft and sad) and Barbra Streisand (way too bombastic for my taste). Diana Krall takes just the right tone, combining blues and jazz for a bittersweet take.

All these songs, except Miss London's, are really gritty by the last verse, the sadness turning to this side of anger with a whole lot of "Your bad, dude; I'm out". Interesting phrasing, too; puts me in mind of Willie Nelson's unorthodox singing style. The jazz guitar is mighty tasty, too.

Sit back, and enjoy. And, please let me know of any other versions out there.


  1. I have a nice collection of Julie London. I put Cry Me a River in Wikipedia and it gave me a gigantic list of people who've done it. Check it out here

    I'd love to hear Streisand's and Harry Connick's versions.

  2. I remember Julie London too. I don't have any of her stuff. I really love Diana Krall. What I wouldn't do to sing like this, well on occasion on do but Gerard always remarks, "Who does that song?"
    and I'd reply Diana Krall and he'd say leave it that way. He's mean. It doesn't get good singin'

    I keep checking these groovy little boxes you have under your posts. I like them. Where'd you get them?
    If you need help on how to post the YouTube video direct to your blog I can show you, easy, peasy.


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