Saturday, October 30, 2010

Live Blogging the Rally for Sanity / March for Fear

So I dvr'd this for later viewing in order to skip Comedy Central's famous 5-minute-minimum commercial blocks.

Imagine my excitement to see it's commercial-free!

I am officially a Roots fan now. Like 'em as Fallon's house band, but their set rocked!

What's not to like about the Roots backing John Legend. Haven't heard this Withers song since the day.

MYTHBUSTERS! This is better and better! This crowd is unfuckingbelievable! Who woulda thunk it? Sentimental fool, I am full of emotion and tears. What a wonderful celebration of our nation's inherent goodness. MB's experiments are so cool. Groundswell - seismic measurement, too good.

DAMN! Never saw 10 mil persons before!

Ozzie looks awesome! Keith Richards lives and writes his autobiography. Wondering if sex, drugs and rock n roll aren't the right way, after all!

Orgasm: Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock

Tears again. Jon Stewart's closing speech.

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