Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscars

YESSSSS! Penelope Cruz won! Maybe Oscar doesn't have his head up his ass. The Hugh Jackman opening musical number was good - little humor for a change.

OMG Tina Fey & Steve Martin! This just keeps getting better!

Really want to see In Bruge. The doc of Harvey Milk was so good, hope the film does it justice. Sean Penn, asshole that he is, is such a great actor. 'Course if you throw away all the asshole actors, you couldn't mount a production of My Dinner with Andre.

Ben Stiller - priceless as Joaquin. If you saw the Letterman clip, Stiller nails it.

My inner gay man loooved the musical!

I'm trying to live blog the Oscars while preparing Pasta Carbonara for supper. If you want really good liveblogging, check out Defamer for all the snark, the real snark, and nothing but the snark. Wow, Christopher Walken looks even creepier than usual! Can't wait to see the doc Man on Wire; seen quite a bit about it on tv.

As you may have guessed, these films don't all get to W TX - we are deep in the Red State Bible Belt here, and some of the Oscar-nom films (certainly docs) won't even be shown here. And, I'm waay too cheap to rent or download. Not when I pay eleventy-hundred $$ a month to get every friggin movie channel brought to me by the Great Satellite. Only in America can the astronauts orbit, land on the moon, even die so we can watch Talladega Nights whenever we want. And I hit my knees every night to thank the good Lord above for it 'cos Will Farrell is one damn fine actor.

I'm so glad Kate Winslett won, altho it seemed pre-destined, still think it's a good choice. Wonderful line, "Meryl, you'll just have to suck it up."

Did I call Penn? Please pay your bets before leaving.

Good night, and please tip your waiter.

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