Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Rain

OMG We had rain! I'm talkin' major rain for W TX. 3 and 1/2 tenths inches on Saturday night. Plus BIG hail. Big enough to put a major dent in the truck, break out a skylight and shatter a glass window. Boo!

Howsomever (as Richard Pryor's Mudbone said --- and I love my Mudbone and Richard Pryor), the rain watered the horse grass. So much so that I haven't watered since Friday. Tomorrow (Wednesday) time to set the sprinklers again. Haven't seen the little shoosts come up thru the ground. Thank you, Lisa Douglas of Green Acres, she talked about the shoosts coming up thru the ground. Yes, I am waiting for those shoosts. After one week of watering, and with some rain, I'm hoping to see something popping up thru the ground. There is nothing so awesome as seeing little, tiny (redundant, much?) green things coming up thru the ground.

You know, I am so focused on the horse garden that I haven't yet planted our tomatoes, jalapenos, whatever. My bad. Got to have me some tomatoes, if nothing else from our garden.

Love and green things to all of you!


  1. Hallelujah rain! You're absolutely right about seeing those 'shoosts' poppin' through. I get elated when I see newly fertilized grass spring up those baby blades.

    Lisa Douglas is like an old friend. I used to watch that show and Petticoat Junction all the time.

    You got the rain that just left us. Does it warm up there quickly? It seems like it goes from winter to blazing hot summer in just a week here.

    I'll be doing my rain dance for you West Texan folks.

    Don't forget the metal tape. I wish I could find something to keep the bunnies from mowing my grass. I haven't had to mow my grass for months. I have so many bunnies nibbling all the fresh new blades and now my fledge. aarrggh... We've tried everything and the bunnies just keep coming back.

  2. Ya know, we have so many bunnies munching on our grass in the yard -- we just let it go. Of course, we have 3 hound dogs who run around & chase them away for a while.

    I get the Fox LA channel (until June anyway) and I watch your fronts hoping they'll hold together to bring us rain. Yes, I think we have similar weather, although we haven't had anything too cool lately. It's been mild and lovely. Right now, we're getting a storm with a little rain & lots of wind that came from the Pacific. Thank you, your rain dance worked!


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