Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dodgers at Cards, Game 3

Why am I only live-blogging this series? I am loving the Yankees-Minnesota series. Have a convoluted 10th cousin 4x removed to the 2nd power tie to Minnesota. But I loves me some Jeter - well, who doesn't really? The most-talented, classiest player in beisbol. Plus, nom nom! Jeter's on my fantasy baseball team, if you catch my drift. In my fantasy league, I always win.

And, of course, along with the Cardinals, I've ALWAYS loved the Red Sox. I know, one cannot love both the Yankees and the Red Sox, except if you live in fly-over land. Ha! Back at ya, East Coast. I witnessed the sickening Bill Buckner error. Must...erase...bad image...from...mind...

One thing the Dodgers/Cards have is my 2 fantasy GMs: Tony LaRussa, the only lawyer who shouldn't be at the bottom of the sea; and Joe Torre, former catcher (my fantasy position -- in baseball) he of the aforementioned stupid decision by the Steinbrenners. Too young to see Joe Torre catch, but I watched him coach the Cardinals in the playoffs in the 70's. I also remember how pissed off I was when the Cardinals fired him, until I saw how hot Tony LaRussa was!

This is not going well: Dodgers up 3-0 in 3rd inning. Ever notice how in football everything is bold, aggressive Roman numerals, but cooled-out, pastoral baseball prefers the more American Arabic characters. Yes I said it: American Arabic; just shows how chill baseball is. Super Bowl III vs 3rd Inning.

Cardinal bats are silent. Dear Lord, PLEASE don't let the Dodgers get in the series over the Cards -- especially not in a sweep! Because, you know, the Higher Power loves baseball.

Okay, this is too depressing. I'm going to make lasagna for supper. Maybe that will change their luck.


Okay, my bad, bad bad. 4th game. Dodgers swept Cards. Good on Joe Torre!

Clearly, I am in denial that this is the end for STL.

That is all. For now.

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